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"We are the Pleiadian Family"

Today we come through our brother Eugene to talk to humanity.

We love you, we always did.

Now Earth is fast approaching a new era, a new stage where many important things are happening. Such as your history as humans is changing, is becoming brighter and lighter than ever.

We are here in this time to help and guide you through this new experiences that you just started to go through. These are amazing times indeed.

Because more and more of you are becoming open-minded and looking for new ideas, it is opening the doors for beings like us to take part in this adventure that you are living in this right moment.

It is said that Earth is to be uplifted to higher realms of existence , and it is true and accurate. You are ascending to a higher vibrational reality, where love and light are going to be recognized as the key to life's greatest problems.

Love is life in its purest essence, and light is the information, the instructions, the wisdom.

We the Pleiadians are going to be more present in your lives from now on because you have reached a point in life where allow us to get closer and be more helpful.

Earth's vibration has risen to a certain point where more light is piercing through the density of your atmosphere, therefore facilitating your awakening process.

We congratulate you for this remarkable accomplishment. We love you and now we can show you our love and the new reality you are going to live in.

Be happy and know that the universe is contributing to these amazing developments Mother Earth is going through.

Always focus on love, harmony, and peace. Bring yourself to a state of mind where hate, selfishness, and separation is something that doesn't exist in the new reality of Mother Earth.


The Pleiadians Family.Channeled by E.N.D.

Friday, July 8, 2016.



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