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" Desires and Needs"

"What you want vs what you really need" Often times the things you want isn't the stuff you should be having. For instance, junk food, addictions, relationships, etc. We all have desires and needs. We all look for things to fulfill our deepest desires and needs. Through these interactions, we grow, we become wiser. Because sometimes what we want isn't what we need, and what we need isn't what we want. It is a dilemma you say, but it isn't. Just like kids, we are.

As kids grow up, they start to see and understand what's good for them. And so do we. When we were little kids, we wanted to eat more junk food and sweets than we actually needed. We wanted to play more than we needed, and the list goes on. But, as we grow older we know better, changing the way we see life, thus making us behave differently. Nonetheless, the wants and needs are still there. Always challenging us, and bringing us different experiences, making us grow and grow. There is no right and wrong. There is experience, there is growth, there is the eternal learning process towards the ultimate wisdom. We are the Pleaidians, we are here, always watching over you. Be in peace, be in love, and so it is. Channeled by E.N.D. April 8th,2017.



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