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"Who Are You?"

It is a question to be answered carefully and yet, the answer is already there. Most of us don't know it in a way that leaves no doubts. It is a profound question and yet, there is a simple answer. We live, we die, we long for more, we don't understand the ups and downs, the misfortunes, but deep inside each individual, resides the brilliance of Mother Nature.

We have evolved, but yet, we continue to live and die. "Who am I? ", you ask. Why don't you know the answer yet? You are the Creator in flesh, living and dying as an individual, experiencing life in a mortal body. Yes, you are a creator, a magnificent eternal being. Can't believe in it yet? No worries, that is the beauty of life. Feel free to be, and experience life in the way that best fits you now. No bother, because that is you being creative, being the creator of your own life's experiences. But, one day you will realize that you are indeed a creator. Living life in the way you desire. Purple is purple, and red is red, both are visually different but yet, they are colors. You and others are different individuals, but yet, a part of humanity. We are here, always creating our own experiences. Be you, and know that you really are the creator of your life. Be free, be you and only you. Your brothers and sisters from the Pleiades. Message channeled by E. N. D. 12/17/2016



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