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"Star Seeds"

You are here to be the light, and to be the change. You don't fit in here, therefore your frequency is making changes in the outer space and Mother Earth. You are not alone, it's quite the contrary. Multitudes of like-minded are working together right now. Be the light you are, be the conscience you are, bring the change by being yourself. That's your goal, that's your purpose. You are a frequency changer, that's why you are here. Busting all the old and bringing about the new. You are the paradigm busters. Help is coming, be ready! You are here in this moment in time, to bring light, to bring love and peace. You are changing your surroundings more than you think you are. We the Pleiadians and the Galactic Confederation, are here watching over you all. Be in peace, be in love, be in light, and so it is. The Star Family of Light. Message channeled by E. N. D. 22/3/2017



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