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We are always evolving. Filling ourselves up with more light, love, and peace. Every now and then, it seems like the time stops, letting us perhaps in despair, agony and we hopelessly continue to go on our journey. How many times have you felt lonely, and lost, fading away? Yes, we all can relate to this situation. You are not alone, you never were. In fact, you never could see us, but we were there holding you with all our love. How many times have you asked yourself the same questions, over and over again. Feeling lonely, even though you were surrounded by many people. Feeling that something was missing, not understanding that everything around you was strange, alien to you. And you didn't know why people would tell you to behave in certain ways in which you felt awkward. We were there assisting you, sending you love and light. How many nights you looked at the stars feeling lonely, missing something, knowing that what was happening in your life was not correct. But it was so frustrating not knowing what. Feeling like a weirdo at school, not fitting in, not feeling comfortable with the environment. We were there watching over you, we were beside you. And now you know why you felt like that, and we are still here, right next to you, holding you dearly and guiding you. Yes, you are a part of the heroes who decided to come and help. We are the Pleiadians. We are here.

Message channeled by E.N.D Friday, April 14th, 2017.



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