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What Is Normal?

This question is there to be made by all of us. Intimately, mutually and debated until we really understand it.

Because today's normal might not be normal tomorrow, and what was normal yesterday is no longer normal.

So the question prevails, what is normal?

For a Brazilian it is normal to speak Portuguese, to eat rice and beans, and to have football as the national sport. But in other parts of the world, other languages are used, another cuisine prevails and the national sport changes.

Then the question is again intact.

What is normal for you?

When the habits and customs of the time change the acceptable normal also changes.

From country to country the culture changes, habits and customs are a bit different or almost totally different.

Even the climate of the environment influences the way we see the normal.

But then, what is normal of all the normal?

It is every single characteristic of every normal that exists and will exist, for without judging, it prevails without any differences, for every normal is only a piece of the whole, like a piece of a puzzle.

Then my dear brothers and sisters. Let us respect and love everyone because love is the solution, it is the key to the kingdom of the heavens.

The Pleiadians family.




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