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"Something You Know"

Dear family of light. We are here at this moment to bring you peace, love, harmony, wisdom, and guidance.

We want you to celebrate love in your hearts. To celebrate companionship, and trust the "Universal Laws".

We are here, right next to you. We hold you close and dear.

We love you.

Life is about experiencing, and learning your own way of doing things that only you know.

Things that are in your roots, in your hearts.

All that you see, feel, and recognize as real, it isn't real for many, but it is for you. All those little things called the material world, isn't real.

It is what it is because you believe it is so. It is what it is in your minds and hearts, but not for your Soul.

Because your Soul is what is real, what is creating everything that your eyes can see, all that you experience.

Remember that you aren't your creation, you aren't all those little things that you experience.

You are the master of your life. You are the beginning of all things, you are a piece of the eternity.

Hold your head high, hold your arms open to receive your creation and share it with all the other pieces of you.

Things that you know to be true today, might not be tomorrow, but it doesn't really matter, because your Soul is true, is real, is eternal.

We the Pleiadians are here to show you the reality you currently are in and guide you to the new paradigm. Where a new reality is being created with your own intentions.

It is being built with a much higher vibration, with more love and conscience.

We are here to share with you our own way of seeing and understanding things. Take it or leave it, it is your choice. Use your own discernment for you are the master of your own life.

We are here with gratitude, with love and light.

Be in your now, and bring all things together with love and peace.

Channeled by END 06/25/2017



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