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"The Tree Of Life"

Yes, we are the life.

Yes, we represent life.

Yes, we create and live in our creation.

Look at Mother Nature as a beautiful example of life and creation.

It creates and sustains harmoniously.

It generates life and enables its creation to also generate and sustain.

So are we.

Do not marvel at these words, for you are the creator living in creation. And creating as well you are.

We are the result of Creative Love.

We are Creative Love and we also create with it.

In truth, you create as God creates.

If it was not so, we would not create anything.

We are a part of God. His children we are. And son of God, God is.

Sons, brothers, family. We are one with all and all in one.

We are a cell in the Divine Creature, which creates and multiplies.

We are a drop of water in the immensity of the oceans.

We are a star in the cosmos, we are children of God.

Stay in Love, live in Love and be Love.

We are your galactic family.

The Pleiadians and their Family.

Message channeled by END.




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