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"What Are You Looking For?"

"What Are You Looking For?"

Are you looking for peace? Then, be peaceful, it is as simple as that. Are you looking for happiness? Fill up your heart with it, and happy you will be. Are you looking for love? Practice it in your daily life, and you will have it. Everything that you desire and want, you must have it in your heart first. Live it and it will be externalized in your material world. Everything that you are, externalizes in your world. So that you can experience it. Be careful with your daily feelings and thoughts, for they are manifesting in your reality as experiences. You might say, "no, I didn't create this chaos in my life". Are you sure about that? Get to know yourself better. Understand the real you. Monitor your fear-based feelings and your love-based feelings. Which one is more potent in your life? Which one do you focus more your attention? Only you know It. You are what you are. You only give what you have inside yourself, and what you give, you shall receive. We are the Pleiadians in love love with humanity, and so it is. Message channeled by E.N.D Wednesday, September 13th, 2017.

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