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" Apples, Bananas, and Oranges "

" Apples, Bananas, and Oranges "

The apple is a fruit, bananas, and oranges are fruits, too. Although their appearance and taste aren't the same, they are fruits.

And so it is with everything in our lives. Everything in this world has a label, giving it a different definition. Nonetheless, everything in creation comes from the same source.

Everything is held together and alive through the same source.

Therefore we are the source and its essence. We all belong to the same creation.

When we love others unconditionally, we get closer to our true nature.

When we accept, understand, forgive, praise, help, and love, we feel the connection between everything. We feel the bond.

Let us be free from judgment. Let us instead, understand that each and everyone has the right to walk his / her chosen path.

Let's analyze things without judging them. Let's respect one another.

Let's be the family we truly are. We share the same resources, the same air, water, food, the same planet.

You without me, there's no we. There's only loneliness.

So, be free of judgment. Erase from your life the bad habits of identifying, labeling, comparing and then judging.

No judgment leads to 'Oneness", which leads to peace and happiness.

The world you live in and experience, wouldn't be the same without the variety of things.

Earth is what it is, because of all the different living creatures it has.

Without them, your experience would be dull.

You should enjoy all the differences you have on this beautiful planet.

You should embrace it instead of labeling them and judging them.

You should do exactly the contrary.

Hence, enjoy, praise, and love all that you see and come in contact with.

Say no to racism, and yes to oneness.

Be in peace, be in love, and so it is.

We are the Pleiadians, we are here, loving you as always.

Message channeled by E.N.D

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017.



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