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They reach out to your heart, they magnify our lives, making everything meaningful to each and every single person.

But, they are just words, you say.

What comes from one's mouth, is originated in one's heart.

Touching, singular or plural, each and every word brings a message.

Please, love, gratitude, and peace, they are wonderful words, connecting humanity through vibrations and sounds.


Simple, but meaningful they are. Silence brings peace of mind.

Forgiveness brings connection and understanding.

Oh grace, oh grace...

Words, what are they?

Words of creation they are. Simplicity and uniqueness dancing in one's mouth, and transmitting one's mind.

Don't you see? Words are sounds of one's heart, reflecting and mirroring the mind.

Favorite words? Yes, there are many, but only one carries the most powerful message. It is and will always be love.

Words are expressions and reflections of your mind.

What you often talk about, mirrors what your heart loves the most.

See who you are through, single or plural words.

We are the Pleiadians in love with humanity.

Channeled by E.N.D.




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