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"Dear Ones"

We are approaching times of big changes. Soon events in your world stage will start to escalate and hidden truths will begin to show itself.


I'm Ashtar Sheran, living and being "love".

I greet you with all my love and bless you in the name of love.

I am happy and delighted to tell you that the light has begun to show itself and clear up the biggest darkness of your world.

We and you are now in for a marvelous journey.

Circumstances are now triggering some big events and having a snowball effect that will bring a little chaos in your media news,

and some world leaders will start to realize that, they should follow the light and make some wise choices.

Those choices will show the way to other world leaders to join in and thus liberate and release a lot of documents where some very helpful information will be shared with humanity.

These are wonderful times, my dear family.

Let us feel the joy and bliss.

Let us show the real love to our neighbors.

Let us be the change, and show the world our love and light.

Be in peace, be in love and so it is.

Message channeled through END



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