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"Who Gives Shall More Receive"

How so?

Look at the work of nature. It is balanced. It gives whatever it has to every single part of itself.

Look at a tree for example.

It receives everything it needs for free, abundantly. In turn, the tree also gives everything it has.

They work together with balance, therefore there is no problem at all.

Now, look at you.

You are here on Earth, thus you are a human, isn't it?

Earth's nature gives you everything you need. The air, water, food, etc.

It even gives you a brain and free will.

Now, what do you give back to it? Is it in balance with nature? No, it is not.

Hence, you don't have a balanced life.

You live here on Earth, and you are not alone. Are you living in balance with everything that is around you? What are the things you are giving?

Whatever you give, you shall receive abundantly.

Message channeled by E.N.D.



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