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"The Universe is never testing you"

Angelic Guides - "The Universe is never testing you" -

Today we would like to focus your attention on the desires that each one of you have. There is not a single soul in your world who does not have desires that you want to manifest for yourself. So often we see with dismay how you block those desires, creating resistance with your thoughts of doubt, worry and fear.

There is a very common misconception among many in your world, that is, the belief that you must prove your worthiness, you must prove that you can overcome the obstacles to deserve everything you want to create. We are here to tell you that you did not come here to fight, you did not come here to see how difficult you could make your life, the universe never wants to test you and that is what we would like to delve into.

If there is anything we most want to convey to all of you, it is your merit.

There is nothing that any of you can do to deserve anything less than the perfection of all that you are.

No matter where you are, no matter what experiences you have manifested, no matter what choices you have made up to this point, it is never too late to make a new choice. You always have the ability to shift your focus to something that pleases you, something that gives you the sense of peace, joy, happiness.

Many of you believe that the universe is somehow keeping everything you want away from you until you prove your value until you have proven that you are tough enough, until you prove that you truly deserve all the good that you longed to have.

As if there were something outside of yourself responsible for realizing your dreams and desires. And for that, we say, there is nothing further from the truth. The only one able to keep anything from the manifestation is you.

The thoughts you are having, the direction of your focus, the emotions you are choosing to feel are directly related to the experiences you manifest.

Let's tell you this, the Universe is always giving you everything you are asking for, and there are no exceptions.

So why don't you have everything you want here in your physical reality? To this we respond, because you are not allowing your desires to manifest.

Surely many of you completely ignore that you are blocking everything you ask to receive. The Universe is responding to every desire, every need, every desire for something better, but you cannot see the signs because you are so focused on all the wanted things that are lacking in your life.

It would be similar to saying: I'm watching channel 5 on my television, but what I really want is to watch channel 10.

If you do not change the channel, you will not be able to see what is on channel 10. And there, it is as real as channel 5, but you cannot see it because you are not tuned to the channel of your choice. You just keep focused on the fact that you cannot see channel 10. And so it is with all the things you want.

When you allow your thoughts to begin to focus on what you desire, instead of repeatedly and incessantly focusing on what you do not want, you will begin to see the unfolding of all that you desire in such perfection that you will be in a state of shock with the ease with which everything will begin to flow into your life. Do you understand our analogy? You must be in tune with the vibration of creation in order to see the signs and impulses that the Universe is always giving you.

The Universe never denies the desires that come from you. We see, how so many of you remain focused on such despair, in such frustration, because you feel as though you have no control over your life, that you do not have the power to create your dreams, when, in fact, a simple shifting of your focus is all that is needed to allow your dreams to unfold in the most wonderful ways.

Many of you believe that you must persevere, that you must force your dreams to the manifestation, that the dreams are conquered not given. If we could persuade you to focus more of your attention on what you want instead of focusing on failure, you would see how easily things would start to fall into place. We say, you cannot focus on fear and faith at the same time. You cannot focus on lack of resources and at the same time attract abundance. Once you begin to deliberately choose your thoughts because you know that you are the creator of your reality, you will really begin to marvel at how easy it starts to feel life.

You cannot focus on how difficult everything is and expect things to get easier, because that's what you prefer. The universe is always delivering you more than you concentrate. Look for the thoughts that make you feel good. It's really very simple.

You never have to feel something that you do not want. You say, "Oh, but what about all these disturbing experiences around me?" To this, we remind you. Your focus, your thoughts are always under your control and no one else can choose them for you.

There is always something you can focus on that pleases you. Always. You did not come here to fight, you did not come here to prove your merit, nor did you come here to see how many difficulties you could discover. You simply came here to experience the joy of creating everything you desire in a physical reality.

But you have momentarily forgotten your divinity, you have forgotten how to play the game, you have forgotten that you came to the satisfaction of manifesting your desires. Life is not supposed to be so hard, you came here to have fun.

Do not worry so much about making mistakes, there really is no such thing, you will always have new desires, and they will always be incredibly enjoyable every time you allow the Universe to deliver them. So take a deep breath and relax knowing that you are endlessly supported in everything you desire.

You are always in control, you can create anything you desire, a dream is never too great. You hold the key to all your dreams. Start focusing on what you want, rather than being so focused on what you do not have. Feel what it would feel like to have those dreams now. How does it feel to have your desires now? Play with this concept and you will begin to see new opportunities flowing into your life.

We hope to have served you in some way. In love and light, We are your Angelic Guides.



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