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"Consciousness Is All There Is"

"Consciousness Is All There Is"

What you are perceiving is consciousness. You can only perceive because you are conscious of yourself.

Information brings clarity, and clarity expands your consciousness. You are always expanding your consciousness, but the speed at you do that always depends on yourself.

By replacing old beliefs with new ones, you are growing in understanding and expanding your consciousness.

You become more aware of your true nature which is consciousness.

Consciousness has different stages of awareness. Where each level defines a particular reality. When you perceive something and take it as your reality, it becomes your life experiences. Therefore, you are the creator of your own destiny. There is no one to blame or praise but yourself.

Here we stand with you, in love and peace. We share our own version of things and our wisdom with you. Whether you accept it or not, it will depend on the maturity of your consciousness.

Remember, you are here in the now moment experiencing The Matrix, which is built of waves of energy that is constantly changing in the sea of possibilities. These possibilities of events can have a high or a low probability of occurrence that is being dictated by your consciousness. These probabilities become your reality depending on how your consciousness perceives these events.

We are the Pleiadians. We are here watching over you. Be in peace, be in love and so it is.

Message channeled by E.N.D July 19th, 2018.



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