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"One With Everything"

"One With Everything"

You, me, we are all one with everything.

A drop of water, a drop of rain, are singular and momentarily separated, but they are the water, the falling rain.

So we are too. Like so, we also live momentarily singled out and seemingly separated, but we are a part of the Whole. The solar ray is the sun, the apple is the fruit, you are the humanity. A penny is money, a flower is a garden, a race is the races, everything is connected. A fruit is the fruit of nature and so are you.

One color is the colors, one voice is the languages, for everything is a singular part of an All. You are a part of humanity, your brother is, too, so all are connected.

The sun is a star, part of the universe and the universe is part of the whole. Happy you are if you understand this simple and profound explanation of the individualization of the Whole.

Everything is individualized and different in the vastness of the universes, which are the parts of a Whole. There is not a single entity, thing or energy separated completely and definitively, everything is the creative result, so we are singularized with different functions, with proportions differentiated from each other, but we all come and go back to the Whole. Just like a drop of rainwater.

Feel the nature, the universe, the Whole in you. Enjoy the beauty of the diversity of the Whole.

Stellar beings and humanity are just different races, sharing the universal whole. All without exception we are children of the same Creation.

We are brothers and sisters on the path to happiness without borders and divisions.

And so it is, respecting and accepting our differences we will be approaching our true existential reality. Love has created us. It sustains us and unites us. We are your stellar family, one with all and all with one.

Message channeled by E. N. D.



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