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"The Path"

" The Path "

The path leads us to a destination. And this being the result of choices.

Every choice is the result of thoughts and feelings. Therefore, every result comes from action and every action is originated in our heart.

For the heart is a thinking being. He is the emotion, and life.

The essence of the Creator is in it. A flower does not think, but it feels and acts according to its own feelings. And so everything is beautiful to it.

A flower grows and blossoms, withers, and returns to the whole, so naturally. We are like that, too. But we reason in what our heart feels and then our ego makes choices according to its own reasoning.

This leads us to different paths, to different experiences.

And so is life here on Earth and in many places of this vast universe.

Listen to your heart and act on it without rationalizing what it said. Just act naturally, like the flower. Remember that it does not think, it just feels and acts accordingly. And it grows and turns into a beautiful flower and then returns to the whole.

Following the heart is not following the ego. To follow the heart is to follow creation and the Creator. Light shines without thinking of being light, it just feels and it is light.

You are here to think, reason and feel. But you suffer and are lost because you focus more on thinking and rationalizing, forgetting the purest and divine essence of your heart.

The heart loves and builds, ego reasoning causes pains and sorrows very often. An artist who rationalizes a lot does not paint or does an artwork. For a work of art is the result of feeling the heart.

We Pleiadians feel our hearts much more, hence having a peaceful, and happy life. Bring the love that is in your heart out and bless any situation and circumstance of your life and you will see how much easier it will become.

Deep down, you know that. But you got used to, too much reasoning. We are your stellar family. Be in the light, live in the light and be the light.

The Pleiadians Message channeled by E.N.D. on March 2nd, 2019.

Thank you, my family, of light. I am, and always will be eternally grateful.



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