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Thank you for allowing me to be here. Thank you for being my home. Thank you for sharing with me and with all the beings that reside here, all the good you have.

First of all, thank you for blessing me with this wonderful gift that is my biological body.

With my human body, I can live here and experience everything on this beautiful planet.

Mother Earth, you and our sun work quietly and unceasingly to sustain life in you.

Thank you for the abundant air that keeps me alive and healthy all the time. Thank you for the water that quenches my thirst giving me life.

You not only gave me life, but you also gave me everything I need to be alive and healthy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing all your gifts with me.

Today I praise you and enter into communion with you.

Praised be the miracle of life and praised is the driving force behind everything and everyone.

Blessings from the Pleiades and blessings from their stellar family.

Message channeled by E.N.D. September 11, 2019.



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