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"The Victory Of Light"

Hello dear brothers and sisters. Today I come to communicate to you about a subject that is unfolding on our beautiful blue planet.

Now a lot is happening on the human stage. Our spiritual realm, together with the Pleiadians (who are our star brothers), we are working on both sides the spiritual and the material planes.

A great cleansing is being done in your earthly and spiritual realms. It is with great joy in our hearts that we say and convey this message.

Without much detail ,however, we convey that victory is certain.

We want to thank all the lightworkers who have been and are still involved in this task force that has been working relentlessly on liberating the tyranny that until then took away your freedom of choice and forcing you in many ways to stop being who you really are.

Through misinformation and omission of facts and truths, they have kept you all ignorant of your power and light.

The cabal not only through the media but also through technology has kept you docile and easy to control like sheep in a flock.

But today with great joy and satisfaction, we can say that tyranny is finally losing important territories and the Light is increasing among you.

From now on the changes have accelerated and with that, a lot of transformation will occur, giving the impression that chaos has increased, but do not worry as this is the sign that we can finally clean all the impurities once and for all.

Glory for the light has won.

Live in the light, be the light and it will light your way.

I John of Jesus Diniz, together with the Pleiadians, thank you for the opportunity to be present here and to participate in this historical fact that materializes in the now.

Message channeled by E.N.D.



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