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They are here among us. In fact, it is in you, we all possess the seeds of life form that creates and expands.

You and I live here and now, sharing our limitations, fears, desires and every thought and feelings that we can think of.

We are living in this soup called life. We are in it and it is in us. There is no separation.

All the flavors we experience, all the feelings we feel after every taste is a unique experience called life existence.

It is the beauty of life. It is creating in the creation in every moment, our purpose, our forte.

We are creators. We are Eternal and as eternal creators, we live and expand our realities. There are no limits to our creativity. There isn't and there will never be a limitation imposed to you if you have not already agreed with and accepted it.

There is no way, the universe can ever force you to do things you haven't already agreed upon.

You are a creator living in the soup of creation. You are here at this moment and time to uncover your great potentials from within your great limitations. From the ashes we rise to eternity we live.

Be who you really are and become what you came to be. We are the Pleiadians. We are here right next to you, watching over you all.

Don't fear, don't judge, only observe and experience your reality. Focus on what you want and don't reside in lack and fear. You always draw to you what your vibration is a match of.

Be in peace, be in love and so it is.

Message channeled by E.N. D. September 30th, 2019.



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