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The North Star

Follow your North Star and be in the Flow. Your North Star is your inner compass, it always guides you to the Flow. Now, let me tell you what is your North Star.

It is Light and Love. Light is the inner wisdom, the knowledge behind your thoughts. Let the Light always guide your thoughts. Love is a compound of feelings and emotions. Such as peace, serenity, compassion, freedom, kindness, tenderness, gratitude, etc.

Love is all the positive feelings and emotions combined.

How Love and light become your inner compass? It is easy, nonetheless, you need to understand the way they work and practice it.

Imagine yourself driving a car. In this scenario, Light is the knowledge and experience of a driver. Love is your body. Both of them have to work together for you to have the best driving experience possible.

In other words, Love-light/ Light-Love must be synchronized and flow in harmony. Hence Light will tell Love what to do, and Love will do all the actions from a state of love. When that happens, you have found your inner compass.

Only when your feelings and emotions are of Love and being guided by Light, The North Star becomes your inner compass.

When that happens, you are living your life guided by Light and every action you take is of Love. When you are in that state, you are in the Flow.

Be love and light and be in the flow. We the Pleiadians and the Light-brothers are here, present at this moment in time to share with you all our Love and Light. Message channeled by E.N.D.



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