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The Life Cycle

Everything that occurs in your life is a reflection of your soul. Think, be and experience a touch of your inner self, being reproduced through the lenses of an eternal and limitless creator.

You and I, us and the entire universe are connected and expanding all the time. We are here, now and forever to be the expression of the Creation. Imagine a drop of water, the rain and then the ocean.

The drop of water is a singular part of the ocean experiencing separation momentarily, being a drop of water for a brief moment and then after its little journey, the water cycle, it returns to the ocean becoming one with everything.

Now, imagine you living and experiencing life here as a human being. Being a unique and singular soul, momentarily separated and going through your own journey, and then returning to your birthplace, to the Source.

And so it is with every little thing in creation. It comes from the vastness of Source, experiencing singularity and then returning to Oneness. We the Pleiadians are more than happy to share our light and wisdom with you, the other part of us.

Message channeled by E.N.D.



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