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"Nothing is Impossible"

We are here to tell you that, there aren't impossibilities, there is disbelief, doubts, and insecurity. You are provided with all the tools to create. Everything is possible in the mind of a creator. Belief is the key. You are in the way you see yourself, nothing more nothing less. You dictate who you are. Surround yourself with love and light, search for the truth that will set you free from all the obstacles you picked up along your journey. Unhealthy habits lead to an unhealthy life. Unhealthy thoughts lead to a weak mind. You are the master, the owner of your life. You are a magnificent being, you truly are. Jesus once said, "Ask and it will be given to you." Why do you think He said that? Because He did the same thing and it worked for him. He knew that you are a Creator and you create what you do no doubt. He very often spoke about faith. What is faith? When you think of something and see it the way it is without hesitation or doubt, it is an example of faith. When you put fear, doubts, and anxiety into your life, that is the opposite of faith. When you have faith, you are creating consciously the situations and experiences that you want or believe to be true. Remember that, as long as you are thinking, believing, doubting, fearing, etc, that is what you are creating into your life. The majority of humanity isn't constantly living a happy life because they don't work on their beliefs, they don't understand how it works. But now you know better and the energies of the moment are helping you. Release all the negative thought-forms, so that you can find the right understanding and set yourself free from the old paradigm. Understand that, you are the creator of your own life, only you can do that. Therefore, wake up to the new reality, it is time for the new to come, Embrace it and you will become a much better version of yourself. We are the Pleiadians your stellar brothers and sisters. Channeled by E.N.D.



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