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" We are creators"

I say, I think and act according to my beliefs and customs. I do nothing without being naturally "Me". Here comes the question. Who am I? You are a creator of realities where you experience the uniqueness in your own imagined reality, made especially and completely by yourself, no one else.

If it were not so, everything would be the same, for everyone would be the same. But it's not like that. We are free to be who we please. We are all unique in the whole.

Your mission is to be and experience your own creation, your reality is made by yourself, with no one to blame or praise as everything comes from you.

So why complain about your life, if it is exactly the way you created it? We do this because we ignore our own deeds, our true power. A virtue that so few know and use it consciously.

Yes, my dear earthlings. It is time for you all to understand that there are no victims or executioners, but only creators.

That is, nothing is by chance, but rather the result of a representation of our inner self. What came first the egg or the chicken? Neither ones. First, there is the intention, the idea, then the feeling culminating with the creation.

Light is the presence of love and wisdom, and darkness is only the absence of light and love. If there are darkness and suffering in your life (creation)it is because of the absence of light and love in your path. Nothing is coincidence or by chance, everything is only the result of the creative source.

Who to blame but ourselves for the misfortune present in our lives? Dear brothers and sisters, let us liberate ourselves from our own ignorance and take control of our lives, and create consciously through love, wisdom, and intellect. You are very powerful, with such potentials, there is nothing to fear or doubt because you are the direct and unique creator of your own existence.

I tell you more, your existence will always be experienced by you, and it is up to you to change it with your intentions and thoughts generated directly from your belief system. Change who you believe you are, and your life will change. Get the life of your dreams by just being what you want to be, and believing it to be so and so it will be.

Do not say you can not do it, because you're already doing it, but in a more or less unconscious way, right now you're on autopilot mode.

But now that you understand better, you are already more matured. Take the direction of your life consciously and start now the life of your dreams.

You have everything you need, you just need more practice. We are living in a time when the energies are much higher than years ago so the speed at which things will happen is much faster.

Begin to build a life based on unconditional love, love for love. Live happily, feel good, harmonized, peaceful, inspired by feelings of higher vibrational love.

In so doing, the light will be present at all times in your lives dissipating the darkness once and for all. Be in love, live in love, and so it is. The Pleiadians your stellar family. Channeled by E.N.D.



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