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"The Pain"

What is a pain but the reflection of imbalance? What is a pain but a sense that catches our attention? Yes, my dears, pain is the compass showing our path deviation. It is the nuisance that gives us a different view on our journey to wisdom.

Pain is not necessary, but it is present in our lives because of our lack of vision and understanding of the way everything works.

Pain gives us a pause and draws our attention, showing us the imbalance. Unfortunately, pain is still necessary for our spiritual development, but there will come a day that it will be only in our distant memories. But in the present moment, let's see it with our eyes focused on the positive side of it, let's see it as a voice that catches our attention to a problem. When due to our lack of maturity and experience, pain comes to visit us, showing us through discomfort our wrong steps that we sometimes take towards happiness.

Dear family, I do not state that we should bless the pain, but understand the real reason why it still exists in our midst. The Pleiadians, your stellar family.

Message channeled by E.N.D.



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