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"Sacred Thoughts Build a Sacred Life"

We are what we think and we think what we are.

Your state of spirit and mind are translated into thoughts that in turn are expressed through your feelings, emotions, words, and actions.

There is no state of mind that doesn't convey a feeling or emotion.

E-motion is energy in motion that becomes a feeling propelling one towards an action.

We only give what we have and we only receive what we give.

Your everything (You)is the one who thinks and feels, the thinker, the experience-generator. You are the creator impersonated in a human being.

Every thought has a unique signal that has a frequency (identity).

It has the energetic potency you attribute to it through your intention, emotions, feelings, and your understanding of it, "faith".

That very thought will reverberate throughout space and time meeting with the same frequency thoughts returning to its creator, "You".

Therefore you are receiving what you give all the time.

If you are frequently angry, anger is what you have and that's what you are giving. Those destructive thoughts and feelings will bring into your life people and situations that match your frequency, "identity".

"You" are the source of every little thing that happens in your life.

Feel, think, and do, but make no mistake, those seeds will grow abundantly in your life becoming your daily experiences.

Your consciousness, your core, (You) the eternal creator, are constantly generating thoughts and feelings. Hence giving and receiving what you "currently" are.

In this way, we are always experiencing who we really are, consciously of it or not, that's the law of our universe.

Written by E.N.D.



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