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Who are The Pleiadians? 


We are groups of humanoids who come from a group of seven stars known collectively as the Pleiades. 

We are your brothers and sisters. We are here to assist you and help you in the best way possible. 


We are not here to do it for you, but only provide you with the necessary tools and support.

We are a society way more advanced than yours. Our technology is beyond your comprehension.

We have attained wisdom just like you have. But because we have been out here for eons. Our knowledge and wisdom are quite well developed so that we can travel through space and time.

We want to share our know-how with you during this time of changes, and walk you through this planetary transition. Where your society and planet home are being lifted to a higher vibrational frequency.

Dear family, there is a lot to learn and digest, but you are being provided with all the help, and assistance you need.

We aren't the only ones out here. We are only one group from another solar system, who sees you as a dear family.

Oh! There is so much to say and share, but only when the time is right.





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